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Mike Grennier Vice President, Talent Acquisition  & Diversity at Mallinckrodt Pharmaceutical

Debbie is very well connected in the HR space. She was instrumental in helping us find the right level of talent that we needed. We used Debbie’s services several times and she was successful every time. She has an ability to find the right fit culturally along with the skill set match. She’s very good at what she does.

Deon Riley SVP Human Resources at Ross Stores, Inc

Debbie is an amazing results driven recruiter with an uncanny ability to get the right candidates into the interview chair and into the organization. She is not only mindful of the required qualifications but is able to monitor for the right cultural fit which allows both the candidate and the receiving company to win. She consistently demonstrates the highest integity and expertise and works hard to build strong client relationships. She has a wide network of available talent and her responsiveness and ability to flex is invaluable. I highly recommend her as a recruiter.

David Malfitano Vice President Human Resources at Wayne Farms LLC

I have worked with Debbie on several occasions and always have a positive experience. She was a great HR professional before she started placing HR people. I always have time to look at her candidates because she “gets it” in terms of assessing a candidates fit with the organization. Debbie doesn’t waste my time pushing candidates that are not a fit. She has a great network and operates with the highest level of integrity I have ever experienced from a recruiter.

Terry Hatten Chief Human Resources Officer, Commercial Metals Company

I have worked with Debbie for over 10 years. During that time, she has been a tremendous source for great HR talent. She clearly understands the importance of having great HR Business Partners that can help to build and drive your business agenda.

Carissa Schultz Experienced HR Professional

Debbie is great to work with. She places a great importance on understanding her clients needs and matching the right talent to those needs. I will definately work with Debbie in the future.

Chad Scott Senior Manager, Human Resources at Evraz Inc NA

It was a pleasure working with Debbie, as she placed me at Wolverine in 2008. Debbie has a personal approach, and uses her background and client-base to make a strong recommendation on which companies would be a good fit if you are considering entering into the job market. It’s difficult to leave an employer in the current economy, however in my situation I feel that her due diligence helped me find a great opportunity.

David Charlip Vice President, Human Resources – Americas at Kelly Services

Debbie is a consumate professional who simply provides tremendous service to her candidates. Debbie placed me as a candidate in 1997. Not only am I still at the same company, but she has maintained a relationship with me for nearly 13 years. Debbie truly cares about the happiness of her candidates and I highly recommend her for anybody looking for a Recruiter who will make sure the best interest of the candidate remains a priority in the placement process!

John Schaffner Director Talent & OD Manta.com

To trumpet some of her other relationships noted here, Debbie is a true candidate advocate when it comes to placement. This ensures that companies that hire her will get the right cultural fit. This quality is uncommon in the recruiters I’ve encountered. I’ll be linked in to Debbie throughout my career because of the trust she builds.

Rachel Spiegel Senior Human Resources Manager at Pepsi Beverages Company

Debbie has been absolutely phenomenal and I mean that to the utmost extent. Never have I had the pleasure of working with someone like her who is genuinely invested in their clients. I cannot begin to thank her enough for encouraging me to stick with what I truly want and to not settle for anything else. Debbie has been absolutely fantastic and I will gladly refer any of my peers to her if they embark on a job search.

Marisa Costello VP of Talent Management at Fidelity Investments

Debbie is one of the best HR Executive Recruiters I have ever worked with. She develops relationships with candidates first and then works tirelessly to ensure the right placement for the individual. Companies and candidates find Debbie a pleasure to work with because she has an indepth understanding of the candidate’s background and understands the organization’s needs; thus ensuring the right cultural fit and setting the individual up to successfully deliver for the organization. I have worked with Debbie both in capacity of looking for a new role as well as engaging her to help fill positions. Throughout the years of our relationship she has been always willing to offer advice even when I wasn’t retaining her services. This truly makes her unique. I would unequivocally recommend Debbie to anyone who was looking to find the best talent or their next career opportunity.